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St. George.

St. George’s LEP Church was born out of the old Hart Common Mission Church. The origins of this little combined church and school go back to the early days of the hamlet of Hart Common, and its history is told in a small booklet, a copy of which can be had, free of charge.

Hart Common congregation was mainly made up of people who had been born and bred locally and either had or still did attend the day school there.
There were some youngsters but like many other churches today, the average age was going up. Whilst the church was slowly going out of business, the school, on the other hand, was thriving, with more applications than that small building could ever cope with. The local authority had decided, in principle, to build a replacement school.
Our Rector at the time, Revd Simon Tatton-Brown put the position very succinctly, “With the best will in the world, without the school we’re just not going to be able to keep the roof on the old place.” He was of course right and we were given just two clear choices. Simply close down the Church, when the school moved, or go with it and build a new combined Church and School.
Revd Simon Tatton-Brown introduced the idea of setting up a Local Ecumenical Partnership, and explained that if any other denominations were interested in planting a new church, in the area of The Hoskers, with its many new housing estates, then it would be legally practical to involve them in sharing the costs. At that stage, we had absolutely no idea of what might be involved, but it was a lifeline and we grabbed it.
Both The Methodist http://www.methodist.org.uk/ and United Reformed Churches http://www.urc.org.uk/ came on board, which led to a series of complex studies of how a combined church might be achieved.   From 2016, the Partnership comprises the Church off England and United Reformed Church only. 
St. George’s School has the motto ‘ At the heart of the community, with the community at its heart’, The same motto applies to St. George’s Church. as we seek to be  one church, united in one faith serving  one Lord.

Church History
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