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Uniformed Organisations

Our uniformed organisations are always ready to welcome new helpers and leaders of all ages, both male and female. If you would like to know more about helping with these groups, please contact one of the telephone numbers below, or  call The Rector or The Parish Wardens.

Beaver Packs:

St. George's pack meets on Thursdays in St George's school hall at 6pm. Tel 01942 859557

St.Thomas's pack meets on Thursdays in St Thomas's school hall at 6pm. Tel  07711647634 tony.ashcroft@20thbolton.org.uk

Cub packs:

St. Georges's pack meets on Thursdays at 6pm in St George's school hall. Tel:01942 816651

St. Thomas's  pack meets on Wednesdays at 6pm in St Thomas's school hall.      Tel: 07714327001 20thcubs@hotmail.com

Scout Groups

St. Thomas's group meets on Wednesdays in St. Thomas's school hall at 7.30 pm. Tel:  01942 819879 Duncan20scouts@btinternet.com

Rainbow Packs:

St. Thomas's pack meets Tuesdays in St Thomas's school hall at 6.15 pm -  Tel: 01942 811290

St. Bartholomew's pack meets Thursdays in St Bartholomew's school hall at 6.00pm                                                 Tel:  07938161551    st.bartsguiding@hotmail.co.uk

Brownie Packs: 

St. Thomas's pack meets Mondays in St. Thomas's school hall, at 6.15 pm  Tel:  01942 817146

St. Bartholomew's pack meets Thursdays at 7.00pm in  St Bartholomew's School hall,  Tel:  07938161551    st.bartsguiding@hotmail.co.uk

Guide Units:

St. Thomas's unit meets on Mondays in St Thomas's school hall at 7.30 pm . Tel:  01942 396125

St. Bartholomew's unit meets on Tuesdays in St Bartholomew's school hall at    7.00 pm .  Tel:  07938161551    st.bartsguiding@hotmail.co.uk

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